The Journey of building our new garden starts here!

This page has been setup to document and share the exciting build of our new garden!

9th, November 2013

This is what our beautiful garden looks like before we rip it all up!!

10th, November 2013

The work begins, with Mark who doesn't know what he has let himself in for! First, using a turf cutter, we start going in circles - no not because we're drunk, but because we're planning on leaving a circle of grass in the middle. Measuring out the circle was done by putting a pole (from a bird feeder) in the middle of the circle and the attaching some string with the required diameter, and then attaching a sharp stake at the end and scoring the grass. Probably not the way the pros do it, but seemed to work. We first tried to use sand in a funnel, but sand was too wet!

Chloe helped with the wheel barrow, and we quickly filled up our skip, which was out the front of the house.

We then dug a hole in the middle and fitted out very small (not) metal ball water feature thing.

17th, November 2013

The painting of the fences begin. Yes, we are going for black - very daring, but hopefully once the garden is complete all will be obvious.

26th, January 2014

Andrew's carpentry skills are required to make some trellis. Raining outside, so have to make space in the garage (along with filling the garage with all the wood that has been delivery.

2nd, February 2014

Chloe rakes her end of the garden flat, ready for laying the weed membrane down. Had abit of an issue with Harry wanting to be installed under the membrane! Nikki starts the long process of painting all of Andrew's trellis white - doesn't she look fetching!

7th, February 2014

The play bark goes down.

9th, February 2014

Time for some digging! Trench needed for the black planks Andrew has made which will seperate Chloe's area to the main garden area. The planks lay in the ground and are staked, using some off cuts from the trellis, which have been soaked in evil creacote. This all goes according to plan.
Then Andrew digs a hole the first of over 20 posts we need to put in. Then he hits trouble! Builders have decided to put 30cms of topsoil ontop of loads of broken bricks and concrete. The holes for the posts need to be at least 40cms deep, so it takes Andrew about an hour of chiseling (and swearing) to get the post in. Youc an see in the picture all the bricks that have come out of one hole.

22nd, February 2014

Building of the summerhouse - took all weekend - thanks Dad for the help. Hope you like Dad's Elvis impression, and Andrew trying not to fall through the roof when fitting the felt!

1st, March 2014

Big hole needed for all the cables that are going to come out of the garage for power and lighting.

5th, March 2014

Inside of summerhouse starting to look a bit like a spaceship, with the addition of insulation.

8th, March 2014

First of the raised beds, this one is for Chloe - she's quite excited :)

9th, March 2014

Lots of poles in the ground today. Started to put fencing wire in two of the posts in front of Chloe's flower bed, but when the wire is tightened, the posts start to bend inwards!! Phil (our knowledgable and experienced garden) advises getting wire slightly more light weight - whereas Andrew had bought 100m of indutrial strength stuff!!

10th, March 2014

Monday - Phil starts today, to do all the diffcult stuff. Here is what our garden looks like at the time he starts.

11th, March 2014

A hole has appeared!!!

12th, March 2014

A bigger hole and the unearthing of a some unwanted pipes - lots of bad language coming from Phil I gather. Luckily they are just low enough to not effect things, and even more lucky is that the pipes are linked to each house, and are surrounded by pea single, so plan is to use this as a massive ready made soak away for the patio!
By the way, in case you are wondering, "FP" stands for Fire Pit, not F****NG PATIO

13th, March 2014

On a very foggy morning, you can just about make out the footings for the wall.

14th, March 2014

Cement was delivered today and poured into the footings, all very exciting and a bit noisy (sorry Sarah the next door neighbour!).
You can also see the painted posts at the back of the garden, well done Nikki!

15th, March 2014

Time Lapse Video of our Saturday in the garden!!

18th, March 2014

The wall is being built!!

19th, March 2014

20th, March 2014

21st, March 2014

22nd, March 2014

Today Andrew sorted out the ceiling of the summerhouse, and finished insulating the floor, ready for the laminate tomorrow.

23rd, March 2014

Long weekend out in the garden. Flooring is now done, and the walls are going on. Most of the electrics have now been sorted for the summerhouse, after lots of head scratching. Thankfully Andrew didn't electrocute himeself - which makes a change!