Slopes with sun

Nikki and Paul on chair lift

Lifts at top of Directa 1



Have we won the quiz night

Have we won the quiz night2

Baby elephant with skis1

Baby elephant with skis2


The Soldeu Photographic Society

Tracy Paul Nikki on a lift

Tracy and Paul on a lift

Nikki and Paul pre first black run

Moon over Pas

Sunset over hills

The Mexican Night1

The Mexican Night2

The Mexican Night3

The Mexican Night4

The Guinness Group1

The Guinness Group2

From Dusk Till Dawn

Is that really a mars

The Brie

Funeral for Brie

French Castle

French Alps1

The Secret Lovers

French Alps2

French Alps3

French Alps4

French Alps5

French Alps6

Getting ready for kit

Mmm free drinks

A big head

The Bar Man

A bigger head

Our first group drink2

Our first group drink

Slopes from Grau Roig1


Cool Mark

Slopes from Grau Roig2

Boarder Tracy

Skier Mark

A group rest

A view of Encamp

The skiing Peeps

Slopes from Grau Roig3

View of Pas

Top of Directa 1



The Mexican Night5

The Mexican Night6

The Mexican Night7

The Mexican Night8

The Mexican Night9

The Mexican Night10

The Mexican Night11

The Mexican Night12

The Mexican Night13

The days preparations

The Catsby Bar

Allan and Chris ready for the day


Slopes from Grau Roig4


We just done this black

The Fog1

The Fog2

The Fog3

The Ski Group 2004

Happy Nikki

End of holiday drink at Pas 83

Meal Time

Tired Nikki

The Room (downstairs)

The Room (upstairs)

Group Shot


Mike skiing

Another drink!

Mmmm, Beer

Poser Tracy

A rest on the slopes

Andy, Tracy, Pete and Mark

Mike, Andy, Mark and Tracy have a break

Mike on vocals

More drinks

Mike and Andy on the slopes

White Snow for miles

Mike and Mark in Soldeau